Ghost/Co-Writing/Editing Services

Hollie is currently available for both “ghost” and “co” writing projects, from large-scale books to research papers, articles and smaller works of fiction and nonfiction. (Ghostwriting refers to the author remaining anonymous, whereby the client takes full credit for the work, and co refers to Hollie’s name attached to the project, along with the client). Hollie is also available to undertake editing projects of various natures.

As part of these services, Hollie can also advise and assist with guiding future authors through the publishing process via introductions to literary agents or navigating the options of independent publishing or print-on-demand.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hollie directly at with queries regarding these writing services, including proposals, grant writing, freelance journalism and corporate content creation.

Please note Hollie is not available to work on a contingency basis but can offer package rates to best suit your needs.